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American Ninja Warrior Training Classes

We take a special interest in obstacle course training at our studios.  In fact, we have monkey bars, and upper body training obstacles at both facilities.  Combined with our balance bridge obstacles and coordination drills, we offer Ninja Warrior Classes similar to the American Ninja Warrior TV Show including quintuple steps, body prop, balance bridges, nunchaku grab, globe grab, peg wall, and ultimate cliff hanger and adding more each month!

This complete program combined with our specialized advanced martial art training makes a complete course for getting stronger and increasing agility.  If you want to take your training to the next level with awesome martial arts, and gains in upper body strength, this is the class for you!   

Also, in this program we explore our gymnastic skills, using different types of rolls in addition to the obstacles to help increase our body awareness.  Our kids and adults who train in this program have a lot of fun increasing their fitness and train like an American Ninja Warrior!  The Studio in Cape Coral has the NEW Bigger Ninja Warrior Training Gym which adds NEW Obstacles each month to better our program!

We also host American Ninja Warrior Local Contests among our Students in Both Studios, giving Awards to those Champions who work hard and perform awesome!   

You can add our American Ninja Warrior to any of our martial art programs and classes in Cape Coral are on Tuesday Nights at 5:40pm!

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