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Fitness Kickboxing Training


Do you want to get in shape but maybe do not want take the martial art?  We have classes for you too!  Our Fitness Training Classes are designed to use the martial art techniques in a rhythmic pace using music.  This fun and friendly classes use aerobic and anaerobic training combined with toning exercises to firm up your body and burn that waistline.    

Fitness Boot Camp


Looking to lean out for the summer?  This is the ultimate workout to get it done. If you lay it all out during this session, you’re bound to burn at least 500 calories by your last rep. Not to mention, this full-body strength and conditioning workout increases your metabolism so you'll continue to burn hundreds of calories hours after your session.

Meditative Movement Classes


Want a more rhythmic slower paced class using your whole body?  Try our meditative moment classes to enrich and engage your body's natural movement done to relaxing music and deep breathing exercises to enhance health and circulation.



Personal Training / Private Classes


We also available for private martial art classes as well as personal training for all your martial art or fitness goals.  We can teach you the valuable skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle and create for yourself optimal health.


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