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The Master's Greca

We are part of a "brother" Studio called Greca Choi Kwang Do Michigan.  We form a strong bond with them due to the fact that they are both owned by Master Grecas.  Master Craig Greca and Master Scott Greca are both brothers who started their martial art journey 34 years ago with Grandmaster Kwang Choi when they were 14 and 13 respectively.  They are only 11 months apart, so they practically grew up as "twins" sharing a lot of the same interests.  They also both have enjoyed the health benefits and discipline that has helped them both to develop a strong work ethic that have guided them their whole lives.  They also learned this from their father Don Greca who had always wished that he could have taken martial arts when he was bullied as a kid.  


Both Master Craig and Master Scott are very techy and artistic bringing their creative flair and passion to their teaching.  New ideas and High Tech implementation is what drove them to success and defines their future success in the completive martial art business.  They pushed each other to be better in performance and supported each other when needed.  Their friendly competitve nature was always an asset, especially in their early years.  They had a second father figure Master Gene Duncan who guided them in the scientific aspect of Choi Kwang Do which helped them develop their teaching methods. 


The goal of all of Greca Choi Kwang Do is to develop our students physical and mental aspects of their martial art training in a family-friendly environment enabling our students to have fun and enjoy their training while enjoying the health and fitness benefits.  This level of goal setting has helped Greca Choi Kwang Do create a high standard and achieve many awards every year at local festival, regional and international Contests of Excellence!  Before Master Craig Greca moved to Florida in June of 2015, he co-owned and managed the Michigan location and their Demonstration Team and plans on duplicating much of their success.  He moved to Florida hoping to live a life in the warm sun, enjoying the weather and training on the beach whenever not in the dojahng.  He has a motto, "My other Dojahng is the on beach!"

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