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Greca Martial Art Academy News


We Moved into a BIGGER STUDIO!

We moved our location in Cape Coral into a BIGGER and more AWESOME STUDIO!  We currently have an expanded training floor, two changing rooms, four drinking fountains, two bathrooms,  canal access, private parking lot, more Ninja Warrior Obstacles area, two training floors for segmented classes, expanded viewing area and wifi café area!

Birthdays this Month


Happy Birthdays this Month!

New White Belts

The new white belts this month and more to come!  

Recent Belt Exam Promotion

Congratulations to Everyone who tested in May and your recent promotion to your NEW Belt! 


NEW Commercial Location

Master Craig Greca January 2016


We have OPENED a NEW Commercial Martial Art Training Facility in Florida!  We are located in the Chiquita Plaza at 1242 SW Pine Island Rd, Unit 15 in Cape Coral.  We have a open floor plan matted training floor optimized for learning martial arts.  Our NEW system allows for your natural development with good student-teacher ratio environment.  This is NOW the Headquarters for ALL Choi Kwang Do in Southwest Florida!   We are looking forward to seeing all the NEW students!  Thanks for your continued support!  


Pil Seung!  

Getting Your First Uniform

Master Craig Greca January 2016


Ask us on how to get your first uniform and the patches that go along with it.  We have many different sizes or different people and can show you how to wear it.  We require the full uniform or "Class A" uniform whenever pre-testing or testing for your new belt level.  "Class B" uniform coming soon where you can wear a Choi Kwang Do T-Shirt combined with your uniform pants and belt during the Summer Months!  Always wear your FULL Uniform whenever pre-testing or during a belt exam. 

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