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  • Master Craig Greca

The Three S's for Functional Training

In Choi Kwang Do, we focus on functional training which is different than many fitness applications these days. In order to be more successful in functional or martial art training, your agility and coordination has a better chance if you work on the three S's: Stretch, Strength and Soft Tissue. We first use Stretch in the form of static, active and dynamic to increase our range of motion, keep proper muscle length, and healthy joints. Then we first use Strength using weight lifting and bag work, to make sure that our arms, legs and core are strong enough to able to perform our martial art movements. Lastly, Soft Tissue Work is something often overlooked but it also very important: While using a foam roller, massaging and "ironing" out any muscle knots, sore spots and extra tight muscles that refused to "let go" or relax while stretching. Combined, these three S's help us to be able to perform the movements that we want to develop in our Choi Kwang Do Martial Art Training.



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