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Senior Program


The Choi Kwang Do system is designed for prevention and healing of adult disease also known as modern disease. These degenerative diseases include diabetes, heart and circulatory problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, and obesity. The Choi Kwang Do system of training solves the root causes of these medical conditions.  Exercise is known as the most important element for preventative health. However, often times exercise is practiced incorrectly, which actually leads to poorer health.  Our system applies modern science and technology to promote optimum health and fitness as well as longevity.  The integrated movement prevents deterioration of brain cells and allows for cognitive thinking and memory to improve.  Tired, feeling old?  This is actually a thinking process accepted in our modern society.


If you are physically fit, you will automatically feel mentally fit too!  Because of regular training, Grandmaster Choi feels stronger now (at age 76) than when he was in his twenties or thirties!  As a self defense system, Choi Kwang Do also utilizes practical movements and equipment training to enhance inner confidence and peace of mind.  All this is taught in a non-competitive environment by instructors who care about their students.  In Choi Kwang Do classes you get all the benefits of yoga, kickboxing, tai chi and other popular activities combined in a safe, easy to learn way. Not only is Choi Kwang Do designed to be easy on your joints, ligaments and tendons, its also a lot of fun!  Choi Kwang Do teaches students to reduce the effects of stress.  Strategies found only at Choi Kwang Do include learning to use more exercise, particularly integrated movement requiring balance and coordination that assists nervous system development and function. Physical movement from earliest infancy through adulthood plays a vital role in the creation of nerve cell networks that are actually the essence of learning.  By modifying the variables of frequency, intensity and duration, anyone can enjoy training in Choi Kwang Do and its benefits.     



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