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The following are testimonies from people that have trained with us in Choi Kwang-Do or parents who found Choi Kwang-Do to have a profound positive effect on their child's life.  If you have a story of how Choi Kwang-Do has influenced you or would like to submit a testimony, please email us at:

Thank You!

- Greca CKD Staff


Testimonial of Judge Tina Brooks Green

Court since 1994. Belleville Choi Kwang Do is located in my district. When my oldest son was in 1st grade, I took him to the dojang and enrolled him in the program. Within two months, the instructors talked me into joining. That was in the fall of 2001. I began my training, and found that the discipline began to affect all areas of my life.

I was excited to find something that combined benefits for my physical as well as my mental well-being. Training helped reduce my stress level and helped me to develop a sense of inner peace. I began to train towards a position which would include the ability to instruct others. Choi influenced my life like nothing I had ever experienced. Both of my children trained with me on a regular basis. Choi helped to create self-esteem and discipline. I do not believe I would have this incredible relationship with my children today without the guidance from Choi.

My life and my job involve dealing with people who do not always make the right choices and find themselves in bad situations. I believe that with tools that I have been introduced to by Choi; I deal with these individuals and their situations in a better, more productive manner. I know that Choi has made me a better wife, mother and Judge. For that I will always be eternally grateful to Belleville Choi Kwang Do and Grandmaster Choi.




Testimonial of Steve Wells

Mr. Wells has been kicking his way to reducing if not eliminating his type 2 diabetes due to his training in Choi Kwang-Do and determination. He was interviewed by the Ann Arbor News and a photographer was in the school to take some nice pics of Steve. This was all for an edition of "Be Healthy", a magazine publication by the Ann Arbor News that features articles on health, fitness, and well being for all ages. Steve Wells was featured on the cover and inside of this edition which is posted below in its entirety- courtesy of the Ann Arbor News.

Nice Choi Kwang-Do coffee cup you are displaying Mr. Wells. Congratulations Mr. Wells!!!







Testimonial of Kimberly Dennis

"I wanted to share this with you when Ashlyn wasn’t around. Yesterday, the kids had student-lead conferences at the school where they showed us what they’ve been working on this year. Ashlyn was showing me her binder and whenever she was asked to list her strengths…Choi Kwang Do was the first on her list. Same thing when she was asked what she was good at or what she enjoyed doing most. Always Choi Kwang Do listed as number one. It came up about so many different times in her binder. I know she never felt “good” at soccer or other activities she’s tried, and I was just so touched that CKD is something she feels so good about. I want her to feel powerful and strong, and I think she really does. So, thank you."

- Kimberly Dennis, Student and Parent of Ashlyn Dennis, age 9.

More Student Testimonies


“Evan looks forward with great anticipation to his class every week. The class has improved Evan’s balance and coordination greatly. Robbie also enjoys his class very much. The classes have improved Robbie's self- confidence and coordination.” –Robert Sills, Student and Parent of Evan Sills, age 3 and Robbie Sills, age 7.


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